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Fine Homes & New Construction


Your decision to commence with the design and build of a distinctive home is met by Niemela Design builders with an unequaled, unrelenting attention to craftsmanship, which turns engineering and architectural plans into a contemporary masterpiece.

Professional Construction Management

Whether you’re interested in adding a guest cottage, building a majestic primary residence or investing in a vacation sanctuary, Niemela Design takes great pride in ensuring everything from site planning to trim finishes are implemented with exacting precision.

Our level of construction knowledge ensures that every aspect of your sophisticated home is not only elegant, but built to last.

Reputable & Professional Subcontractors

Niemela Design is a member of the Timber Framers Guild and is proud to follow in the footsteps of the builders that have shaped these proven timber framing techniques over centuries. Because of this, Niemela Design works only with professional subcontractors that uphold these traditions of honesty and craftsmanship.

In addition, the state-of-the-art software, tools and equipment used by our team are essential to ensure the architecture and engineering meet our quality standards.

Architecture & Design

The consultation, design and building process at Niemela Design is meant to be collaborative and rewarding from start to finish. We utilize 3D design and architectural software to customize your plans by incorporating your unique preferences early in the process. This helps to eliminate miscommunication or costly changes during construction.

So regardless if you’re working directly with Niemela Design or an architectural firm, our cohesive design, planning and construction expertise will result in an exquisite structure that instantly transforms into your daily sanctuary, or idyllic vacation getaway.

To inquire about a Renovation by Niemela Design, please contact us or call 603.563.8895.

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